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journalist euna lee. lisa will give us some insight into her sister's five-month long ordeal and tell us how she's doing now. >>> first, experts say it may take three shots to get vaccinated for the flu this year. as millions of children head back to school the next couple of weeks, concerns over the h1n1 virus are ramping up. our dr. jennifer ashton here with more. >> good morning, harry. >>> today health officials will lay out major guidelines for schools on how to manage and prevent any flu outbreaks. >> the h1n1 virus has been smoldering this summer among children largely in summer camps. so it's ready to we're afraid explode once schools reconvene. >> reporter: in the summer hemisphere where it's winter h1n1 has become the dominant strain of the flu infecting thousands. the death toll over 500. a grim warning for the u.s. the centers for disease control present one model predicting 40% of the country, or 140 million americans, could be infected. experts say a nationwide vaccination program is crucial, but currently there's no approved vaccine available in the
'll tell you more about him. he used to work as an informant for the secret service, which makes it even more concerning. >>> also this morning coming up in kwlt healthwatch" a reason to pay more attention if you're not getting a good night's sleep. you could have sleep apnea and not even know it. and now researchers say even people with moderate cases of sleep apnea are at a higher risk of death. dr. jennifer ashton will be along this morning with a surprising new study. >>> first, a major hurricane is gaining strength as it turns towards the east coast of the united states and could become the first major storm of the season. our own dave price has the very latest. dave, good morning. >> good morning to you, julie. all eyes are on it now. bill, a category 2 hurricane with sustained winds of 100 miles per hour and gusts even higher than that. you can see the satellite loop right here, and it's going to gain strength today. now, it's not only powerful, but it's big too. it measures 300 miles across. with hurricane force winds extending 30 miles from its center, it means business. bill no
correspondent kimberly dozier joins us from the white house with a preview. good morning, kimberly. >> reporter: good morning, julie. the last couple town hall meetings the president has held have mostly been polite. they've been full of obama supporters who have had doubts and questions, but they've been respectful. we've had word that today might be different. >> we're against this plan! the majority is against this plan! >> reporter: today's healthcare town hall probably won't get as heated at this one in brighton, colorado, but president obama is likely to hear from some of those opposed to reform. protestors have already told the media they'll be there, and conservatives say their voices need to be heard. >> everybody needs to be treated with a level of respect rather than being dismissed as nut jobs, as the president and his minions and the speaker of the house are trying to do. >> reporter: monday the white house launched a counterattack on the web. >> the notion that the government will interfere with what you have, it really is laughable. >> reporter: white house officials say they wel
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blackstone in antioch. thanks. >>> joining us now from san francisco is maria christensen who had business dealings with phillip garrido. you run a recycling business. how is it you came to do some business phillip garrido? >> about ten years ago, he was highly recommended by another business person and he started coming around more and more asking for more business. at the beginning, he was kind of just odd. he would deliver at odd hours. i'd come in in the morning and the stuff would be on the door, so i wouldn't see him as much. >> but did your antenna ever rise up to the point where you thought this guy is anything more than just peculiar? >> no, i just thought that he was such a religious freak that he was just harmless. >> when was it that he started to talk to you more about religion and when did you begin to think maybe this guy is a little more than just strange? >> about a year ago, he like -- he would just keep coming and telling me about this stuff and gave me the cd, gave me the -- just flyers and, you know, asking can he come to my business and preach there. and i said no. >>
>> bye. >>> breaking news. u.s. marines go on a major offensive in southern afghanistan overnight. we'll bring you the very latest. >>> as president obama takes his health care reform plan to the people, anger spills out all over the country. >> wait a minute. you want to leave? leave. >> i am going to speak my mind before i leave. >> we'll talk with senator arlen specter about what happened during his town hall meeting. >> a father's mission to bring his 8-year-old son back from an overseas orphanage. we'll take you inside the international custody battle and meet the heart-broken dad. >> two dapper-looking jewel thieves pull off one of the biggest heists ever early this wednesday morning, august 12th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. i'm harry smith along with debbye turner bell. julie and maggie are off this morning. >> good morning. >> good to have you with us again this morning. we talked a lot yesterday about ramping up military activity in afghanistan with nato and u.s. forces. the marines started a major offensive this morning. we will have the latest on th
, we'll be joined exclusively by former massachusetts governor mitt romney, who joins us from massachusetts. he says that, if the rest of the country followed the massachusetts model, there could be comprehensive reform and effective reform. he'll speak with us in just a few minutes. >> you mean he's for his own program? >> shocker, isn't it? >> we'll talk to governor romney ahead. morning, a presidential proposal that god broad support in congress takes effect today. all of us should start to see changes in our credit card statements designed to protect us from sneaky fees and penalties. our financial adviser ray martin will be here to tell us what to look for. >>> but first, several midwestern states are waking up this morning from damage from possible tornado strikes. dave price is here with the details. good morning, dave. >> good morning to both of you. we talked about this yesterday, but still ferocious storms rolled through the midwest leaving twisters behind and a trail of destruction. cell phone video caught this tornado near st. paul, minnesota, yesterday. the twiste
show" on a saturday morning. i'm chris wragge. >> i'm erica hill. good to have you with us today. >> as you can see bit pictures it is dark on the east coast. danny playing havoc with the east coast. fires to the west. we'll talk about that coming up. also two major stories to discuss here this morning. >> we do. first is senator kennedy. there was concern about how danny could impact funeral plans, burial plans for the senator. you. >> coverage at 10:00. harry smith will be in the chair at that time. the burial of kennedy today, the headline church in boston the site of today's mass an emotional and historic day. >> he'll be laid to rest with his brothers jack and bobby. jaycee dugard the country transfixed with the story of a young woman who was kidnapped at the age of 11 18 years later we're learning more about her and about the two daughters she apparently gave birth to while in captivity. can she get her life back? we'll tackle that this morning. also, want to take a look at maybe what was missed? could she have been saved sooner? two bombshells coming ou
sources tell me he may have had a vendetta against women. harry? >> susan, live with us this morning from collier township. we thank you so much. >>> joining us now also is richard walker who was at the gym when the shooting started. good morning. >> good morning. >> what did you hear first? and then what did you see thereafter? >> i heard -- it was a couple of gunshots. you wouldn't think they were gunshots. seen two kids run into the gym. next thing you know, we kept playing the basketball game. five seconds later, nine more gunshots went on screaming and everybody. 20 or 30 kids started running in the gym. >> there were kids present as well then last night in this gym? >> yes, there was several kids. >> right. soon thereafter then, you start to see people who are clearly wounded. what did you do then? >> once everybody started evacuating the gym, i seen one victim that was shot in the leg. picked her up and carried her about 50 yards from -- outside the gym. >> was she wounded pretty severely? >> yeah. at that time she was. she was losing lots of blood. it looked p
to be true, and is all of it being used for good reason? we'll tell you about that and point out some of the scams that may affect you and your community. >> there you go. that in a little bit. >>> first, could the current recession, the worst this country has faced since the 1930s, finally be coming to an end? it may be if you believe the federal government. cbs news correspondent priya david is at the new york stock exchange with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: harry, good morning to you. the federal reserve says economic activity is leveling off. that's good news here on wall street. it means the worst may be over in a recession that's plagued the marketplace for more than a year and a half. in its latest report, the fed announced it will leave the key bank lending rate unchanged and continue its program of buying treasuries to keep money flowing into the system and mortgage rates down, a move they hope will encourage new home buyers to take advantage of record low prices. home sales were up 3.8% in the second quarter. >> this is a good time to buy. >> reporter: in a "wall
, and the storm might bring some danger to the u.s. east coast. our own dave price has been tracking this storm all along. he joins us now this morning. good morning, dave. >> we're watching it. that danger to the east coast is not going to be what you might think. it's most likely going to be in the form of rip tides and rough surf. let's talk about what's going on. this morning bill remains a powerful category 3 hurricane, expected to send that dangerous surf and that life-threatening rip tide activity right along the eastern seaboard all the way through the carolinas through new england. bill's a massive storm right now, some 500 miles across, located 450 miles to the south of bermuda, where a tropical storm warn sg in effect right now with maximum sustained winds of 115 miles per hour or so and higher gusts. it's expected to strengthen later today. how much strengthening it's going to have before it begins to disintegrate is still at issue. the core of this storm expected to pass between bermuda and the east coast of the united states tomorrow though it's expected to stay far enough off the
to create jobs again by the end of the year. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. >> joining us to discuss the better than expected unemployment numbers and their affect on the economy is karen finerman, ceo of metropolin capital and contributor on cnbc's "fast money." people see the uptick and they want to know if the recession is over. >> i don't know if there's one single tiny data point that says the recession is over. i think there's a mosaic definitely building of pieces of data that are positive. you're starting to see manufacturing numbers improve. this is clearly a good number, the employment number. this is one people focus on and gets headlines. the thing that's important about that is that helps so much psychologically. when you hear things are getting better, when you see the unemployment rate actually go down. i think there's so much to the economy that's psychological. so it is self-fulfilling in some ways. >> that's what i was getting at. people hear these numbers, they see the stock market on the rise, they think, now maybe we're making our move. the president says, the to
it wants direct talks with the u.s., cutting out countries like china and japan, a position the former president may be asked to take home personally to his wife, hillary, america's secretary of state. it was only a couple of weeks ago, just to give you a sense of the fast ups and downs of this relationship with north korea, that mrs. clinton referred to north korea's leaders, calling them acting like unruly children. harry? >> barry petersen, thanks very much. in tokyo. joining us now from washington, cbs news security analyst juan zarate, like children or bad actors for sure, who get a former president of the united states to come to their soil to just win the release of these journalists? >> it's a good question, harry. i think one of the challenges for president clinton and the obama administration is to try to make sure this visit is a success, to win the release of the two rerters, but that this issue doesn't get intermingled with the other issues of concern, the nuclear disarmament issues, the missile tests. this comes at a period of heightened tension between the two countries.
of their ordeal. >> when we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. >> we'll talk about the joyful family of one of the women. >>> a murder for hire gone wrong as a newlywed tries to hire someone to kill her husband but is busted by police. >> i don't think she was glad to see him alive. she was more in shock that he was alive. >>> and can your car bumper take it? probably not. we'll look at the high cost of low speed crashes "early" this thursday morning, august 6th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. i'm harry smith along with maggie rodriguez. julie is on assignment. >>> this morning we have a story you are just going to love. you'll meet the then 13-year-old girl who decided to write a letter to the troops during the first gulf war and the 19-year-old soldier who found that letter by chance. they were pen pals for a while. they lost touch until almost 20 years later when they reconnected on the internet and got married. you will meet jaime and jeremy this morning and hear their fated love story. >>> also this morning, a l
dose of the powerful anesthetic propofol, which should only be used in hospitals. that mixed with other drugs. a search warrant affidavit unsealed in houston includes a long list of sedatives all administered to michael jackson on the morning he died. many given intravenously. in the affidavit, jackson's doctor conrad murray says he was treating jackson for insomnia for approximately six weeks, giving him 50 milligrams of propofol every night via iv. fearing he was becoming addicted dr. murray says he was trying to cut the dosage. according to the affidavit, the morning jackson died murray first gave jackson the sedative valium at 1:30 in the morning. then at 2:00 a.m. the muscle relax ant lorazepam. at 3:00 a.m. the anti-anxiety drug midazolam. by 5:00 a.m. murray says jackson was still not asleep so he gave him more muscle relaxant and anti-anxiety drugs. finally at 10:40 in the morning, murray gave jackson 25 milligrams of propofol and jackson went to sleep. >> my reaction is wow, that's a long list. that mix is potentially very dangerous. >> at 10:50, m
supporters as tempers flare over health care reform. will the president use the democratic majority and go it alone? >>> a concerning new study on the hpv vaccine gardasil, given to millions of young girls. early this wednesday morning, august 19th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs >>> good wednesday morning, everyone. it is a busy news day here. i'm maggie rodriguez. julie and harry are off this morning. >> we watched hurricane bill developing in the atlantic. now a category 4, as you mentioned, maggie. the question is, will it affect the east coast of the u.s.? dave price will be along shortly with more details. >> a daunting sight when you look at it like that. we'll get to that. >>> first, we begin with breaking news out of iraq. a series of deadly explosions ripped through baghdad this morning. cbs news correspondent sheila mcvicker is in london to bring us up-to-date. >> good morning. five coordinated attacks in baghdad aimed at government ministries, downing sections of highway and damaging bridges. with a death toll that's now at 75 and probably increasing. the blast came within minu
, but reportedly it was to keep jaycee in. >>> carl probyn is jaycee dugard's stepfather. he joins us this morning from orange, california. good morning to you, mr. probyn. >> how are you doing? >> i'm well. how are you doing? how is your family doing? >> everybody's doing great. i'm down here by myself. they're all up in northern california. >> tell me about that moment that you found out jaycee was alive and well. >> it was a total surprise. my daughter called me, and she said that my wife was going to call me in a come of minutes and she has news from the sheriff. and she called back in about ten minutes and said basically that they had found jaycee, and then she paused for a few seconds and said, she's alive. so we basically cried for five minutes, just lost it. >> what went through your mind? >> it's unbelievable. what a miracle this was after 18 years. i mean i had no idea after this long that we'd find her alive. i mean this is definitely a one-of-a-kind situation. and then she's healthy and, you know, just unbelievable. >> what was the reunion like between jaycee and her mother, your o ex-
% of us are in a sexless marriage. our doctor has the antidote and it doesn't require health care reform. interesting. early this saturday morning, august 15th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs >>> hi everyone welcome to "the early show" on a saturday morning. i'm chris wragge. >> a beautiful saturday. it is august 15th. i'm erica hill. glad to have you with us today. >> we're talking about sexless marriages and what does define a sexless marriage? they're talking about it the experts are. >> they got numbers. >> less than ten times a year we're calling it shock. and ah. >> that's very cute. very cute. that's why we keep you around. >> we have some solutions. >> yes. we're not going to leave you in a lurch here. not having sex, so sorry. julie powell is here who is the woman behind of course if you read this book i was a big fan, she wrote the blog the blog became the book, the book became the inspiration for the movie, "julie & julia," big hit in theaters. she's joining us today on what would be julia child's birthday to cook up a few of julia's recipes this mo
with us today. august 22nd already. >> it is crazy. you know what is crazier? there are some children back to school. for some of you parents, it is a good thing. but kids back in the schools in mid-august. >> parts of the country, they're back. >> for those of you that aren't back yet or don't have everything you need, you're in luck. we're doing a little back to school bargainista shopping today. live to an office depot in new jersey, we'll go up and down the aisles, find you the best deals for everything you need on that list. >> the best time to shop now at 7:00 a.m. eastern. >> no one is in the store. grab a cup of coffee after "the early show" and head on out. >> we all have houseguests. sometimes they show up unannounced, other times you have weeks to prepare. >> do you have enough time to prepare? i like to use the old, i have breaking new, you to leave, or typhoid fever. you plead sickness that works. we have that coming up. what do you do when you have guests. >> try to politely get rid of them, yet firmly. >> all about etiquette and making sure you mind your own territory. >> th
april. john dickerson joins us with more on the numbers. good to have you. there is talk about whether or not the president should be seeing a bump in his ratings because of this economic news. does he deserve that increase in his approval rating. is he responsible for the good news? >> in this good news that came out for the white house yesterday, independent economists said the numbers would have been worse if it was not for the recovery act. the president can turn to that and say here's my program and it is helping. so those poll numtrsha t came in before the good news about the gross domestic product may change because of that and the cash for clunkers program looks like it work and something people can point to that is paying off. maybe those will help him. the big question is what happens next quarter. >> we saw the numbers too and comparison down 10% since april. if there is maybe a little bit on the horizon that could help him, but we need to be cautious, where is he losing the people that the numbers are dropping like this? >> he had a lot of trouble with the health care bill
interview. it's james brown from cbs sports. he'll be with us in just a moment. we'll have all the details. >>> also we're expecting a major about face from john edwards. wral news our affiliate down in raleigh, is saying he is going to admit he's the father of an 18-month-old daughter. that's a major change. we'll have details coming up in just a little while. >>> first, our top story this morning. some cooler weather could help out firefighters in the mountains around santa cruz, california, today. a fast-moving wildfire has forced more than 2,000 people from their homes. john blackstone has the latest. >> reporter: winds moving across the santa cruz mountains pushed the fast-moving flames away from the town of bonnydoon. those from nearby davenport said it was pandemonium as they fled to the last chance cafe. >> we drove to the entrance of last chance and we could see flames and see it spreading so quickly. >> you could hear the fire just raging. >> my wife woke me up and said fire. we've got to get out of here. >> reporter: the fire is moving deeper into the rugged s
would help us get together, but i have to say the administration and the democrats in the senate and in the house especially are demanding some terms that i don't think republicans can support. i think they'd be very detrimental to the country. but if they're open and they really want to get a healthcare bill done, i'd like nothing better than to have a bipartisan bill that will work in the best interests for the american people and get it done. but unfortunately, we've come a long way. they're pushing things that just really would push us towards socialized medicine. republicans just can't take that. we could do it, though. we could do it if there were open arms to do it and if the president would weigh in and work with some of us, i think we could do it. but it's going to have to change dramatically from what they're trying to put through now. >> senator hatch, thank you so much. and my condolences for the loss of your friend. >> well, thank you so much. god bless the kennedy family, especially vicki. >> thank you, senator. >> joining me now is the mayor of boston, tom menino,
the unspeakable grief and overwhelming hopes of a nation. >> pray that what he was to us, and what he wished for others will someday come to pass for all the world. >>> ted kennedy endured doubts, including his own, and scandal to eventually triumph as the lion of the senate. >> we are excluded from having an opportunity to debate this because of the power of the insurance industry. >> over five decades, ted kennedy carried the torch passed on by his brothers for civil rights, for the poor and for the sick. >> the hope rises again, and the dream lives on. >> today, we remember. captioning funded by cbs ♪ >>> in case you are just waking up this morning, the news overnight that senator ted kennedy has passed away. the inevitable but sad news this morning, as we welcome you to a special edition of the "early show." good morning, i'm harry smith in new york. maggie rodriguez is in hyannisport, massachusetts. julie is on assignment. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: harry, good morning. i'm standing up the road where the kennedy family gathered too many times over the years to remember loved o
cheating. they know her. they'll tell us how she felt about the affair before it went public, how she's doing now, and what she plans for the future. >>> first, the search for a reality show contestant charged with the killing of his ex-wife is finally over. ryan jenkins was found dead in a motel room in canada yesterday, an apparent suicide. but officials say the investigation is far from over. we have the latest. >> reporter: ryan jenkins was found dead in a motel in hope, british columbia, an apparent suicide according to the royal canadian mounted police. >> we'll carry on into the investigation about the circumstances of his death and obviously to do our job and track back the evidence as to how he came to be in that motel room. >> reporter: workers in the motel say they did spot him in the parking lot sometime before his death. >> he looked really slender, facial hair, darker hair color, sunglasses. you wouldn't even think it was him. >> reporter: it is an ending daniel sachs would never have seen coming. jenkins was his realtor two years ago. >> seemed like a nice guy. seemed l
again. our dr. jennifer ashton is here to tell us what foods kids should be eating and why they might want to skip the sun block once in a while. >>> also coming up, it is a big day here in los angeles for the family of michael jackson. the battle over who will control his financial empire gets under way in a court hearing later this morning. also at stake, who will officially end up with custody of his three children? we're going to bring you all the latest on that. harry? >> thanks very much, julie. >>> first, diplomatic moves are being made this morning to help free the three american hikers detained in iran. but because the u.s. has no official diplomatic relations with that country, swiss officials have stepped in and are trying to find out exactly where the americans are being held. cbs news correspondent liz palmer is in london with the latest. liz, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the four young americans had been traveling in eastern turkey, and then they crossed uno northern iraq into a tainous but quite wild area that attracts a lot of tourists from the region. on t
insurance option that would compete with private plans, that he's open to the possibility of using nonprofit cooperatives instead. >> the bottom line for this for the president is what we have to have is choice and competition in the insurance market. >> reporter: critics say the president is finally caving because he has no choice. >> i think a lot of the proposals that the president's talked about and some of the democrats have talked about are in deep trouble. >> reporter: the president meanwhile in a sunday "new york times" opinion piece said vigorous debate over healthcare is a good thing but only if it's honest. "we are bound to disagree," he wrote, "but let's disagree over issues that are real and not wild misinterpretations." later today, the president addresses the national con federation of the veterans of foreign wars here in phoenix. the topic is afghanistan and iraq, but we're told he'll also use the occasion to try to convince skeptical veterans they have nothing to fear from healthcare reform. maggie? >> cbs' chip reid in phoenix. thank you, chip. joining us from burlington, v
between a helicopter and a small plane. our own dave price joins us from hoboken, new jersey, with the very latest. dave, good morning. >> good morning to you, harry. here's what we know right now. 7 of those 9 victims have now been recovered along with most of the wreckage from the sightseeing helicopter. it's been brought onshore. and we learn from the waters of the hudson just behind us they have located with side scan radar what they believe is the wreckage of that piper single engine aircraft. and now the tough work begins trying to piece together exactly what happened. after pulling the liberty tours helicopter and four more bodies out of the hudson river yesterday, search crews will now focus on recovering the small plane. >> side-scanning sonar has revealed a number of promising targets. >> reporter: the euro copter a-star 350 had just taken off from manhattan's west side for a tour. the piper t-32 left new teterboro airport and was headed for the jersey shore. witnesses say the plane approached the helicopter as both headed south and clipped it with the wing. both ai
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